About Us

PERSONAL TOUCH SKINCARE as a brand is dedicated to enhance your personal beauty with utmost research, fashion sense and hands on experience. We feel Glowing skin is a big moment in itself now. It’s all about real, fresh, naturally hydrated and deep delicious skin. The Goal of the brand was to create luxurious but accessible skincare, you can afford to use daily and products that follow you through life.

Our Story

The main idea behind launching our brand was to provide people with luxury experience through our products without doing a hole in their pockets. Luxury is something everyone cannot buy but we believe we can provide quality good products in a pocket friendly price. The journey of Personal Touch Skincare started back in 2019 after we came across few people who had an eye for luxury products but couldn’t indulge in it due to the prices. That’s where the real game began and the research and development started. We took our own good time in researching and developing the formulas which we have now and studied them closely for nearly three years to compete with the biggest skincare luxury brands in the market.

Our Mission

With the increasing awareness, Almost everyone these days is so cautious of how his/her skin looks. We wanted to start with something everyone needs in their daily life and in their basic routine. Providing and infusing good quality products in peoples daily routine is what the agenda was all about. After doing a thorough study of this sector, we decided to launch our introductory products as we wanted people to get quality instead of quantity where they can use these three products and they are good to go for the day.


Personal Touch Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.

Our parent company, Personal Touch Pharmaceuticals is proudly built on efforts to provide products par excellence at affordable prices. We aim at providing people with products they can rely on. As an ever growing and evolving brand we are available across the Indian geography. Our team, has bit by bit built ones own sales network across India primarily to market our products, which is our pride. Just as passionate as we are, our entire team constantly strives on providing with best-in-class products in the ICUs and CCUs, which is why we are meticulous about every tiny detail that goes into our brand, starting from our production to delivery. In addition to developing and marketing our own products, we attach immense importance to the preservation of public health and the sustainable environment. While it’s an ongoing challenge to eliminate the use of plastic, we work very hard to use the solutions that are at the forefront of sustainability. Our goal is to carry the name Personal Touch into the future as a built structure or a framework of RELIABILITY, QUALITY and HEALTH. We at Personal Touch are hard on ourselves, we are constantly tinkering to make our best ideas and innovations even better. We immerse ourselves in the finer details so that we do justice to the pillars of the company which are Reliability, Quality and Health. Our name ‘PersonalTouch’ isinspired by the thought to provide the assurance and sense of exclusivity to our valuable customers whom we consider ‘The Personal Touch Family’. Letting them know ‘We Care’ for their well-being and strive to provide the best possible cure to their ailments. We hope to continue serving you with our best services and products.

Water Based Moisturizer for Oily Skin - Personal Touch Skincare

Story behind Personal Touch Skincare

We think in these stressful times, people spend more time on their beauty routines to help themselves in their well-being and calm. So, we intend to work along side the customer to reignite that spark of confidence and self-love.

The brand also believes that you don’t have to sacrifice your well being or the environment’s well being to achieve your goals. Though some things can’t be helped (yet) we strive to recommend the most effective healthiest options for you. Personal Touch Skincare promises to be free of harmful chemicals and processes, not tested on animals, use recyclable/ compostable materials, the highest quality of ingredients and to be as effective as possible just like our parent company- Personal Touch Pharmaceuticals.

We strive to make the best skincare possible for men and women both by using the Korean ingredients which will further enhance their skin and beauty. We feel Inclusion of french fragrances in our products would help up our game a bit and would make them exceptional and exclusive.

Our goal is to compete with the international luxury brands. We strive to provide a luxury experience in our products at a price friendly to most people.

Our Team

We feel so privileged and elated to be part of your skincare journey. Personal Touch Skincare strives to provide a healthy, happy, and healed skin experience through premium quality affordable products.

  • Ashish Jawa

    Founder & CEO

    With an MBA in international marketing and sales, a decade of pharmaceutical experience and a thorough understanding of consumer ideology, he is our authority on manufacturing and sales among other expertise

  • Aditi Jawa

    Co -Founder & Creative Head

    A background in fashion and Retail our creative head and design maestro is the mind behind all you see and hear from us! with the added sales experience in fashion retail and pharmaceuticals she dedicates added time and mind to our R&D